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What type of face paints do you use?
We use only high quality professional products that are specifically designed for face and body painting, including Global, Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, TAG, FAB, Diamond FX and Mehron Paradise brands.  They are water based and safe for use on children.  

How do you suggest removing the paint?
We find that wiping gently with a dark facecloth using warm water alone will wash off most face paint. Any remaining colour can be removed with a touch of mild soap.  We recommend using baby shampoo as it is gentle on the skin and will not sting eyes.  Another option for colour that lingers is to apply a moisturizer, baby oil, mineral oil or even olive oil, and wait for a few minutes then wash off.

How many faces can you paint in an hour?
We can paint about 15 average designs in an hour.  However, for a birthday party we recommend  that you allow for 12 children to be painted in an hour.  That way we can paint more elaborate faces with lots of special details.  For very large events, we can paint very simple, fast designs at a rate of about 20 per hour.  At the time of booking, please discuss the number of guests you expect to attend your event, in order that we can bring the appropriate "menu" of design choices.

Do you do this as a hobby?
We absolutely love what we do, but this is indeed a business!  We operate Fabtastic in a professional and businesslike way, which includes everything from being properly insured to properly reporting our business income on our taxes. However, we do operate on a part-time basis only and are not generally available to work through the week during regular business hours.  

Do you ever donate your time to non-profit or charity organizations?
On Saturday mornings from May to October, you can find Isabelle at the Horton Farmer's Market, where she donates her time and materials and provides free face painting (although tips are always appreciated!).  We do this to help promote the market and make it a fun place for families to come out and support our local farmers, bakers and artisans.  As a member of "Friends of The Market", this is our way of giving back to the community, and this is the only venue where we offer our time and materials for free.

However, because supporting our community is important to us, we have options available for local charities and non-profit organizations. While we are not able to donate our time and materials for free to the many worthwhile causes that are out there, we can offer you special pricing or suggest ways that we can help you with your fundraising efforts, depending on the event.

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